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Fax machines information, pictures & links on a variety of brands. Fax models & suppliers, Brother fax machines, Sharp fax machines, reviews fax machines, fax machine comparisons...

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Fax Machines

Below you can find a brief description of how fax machines work along with a brief history of how the fax machine was invented. On the right of the page you will find links to fax machine models and more....

Fax machines are essentially an image scanner, a modem, and a computer printer combined into a highly specialized package. The scanner converts the content of a physical document into a digital image, the modem sends the image data over a phone line, and the printer at the other end makes a duplicate of the original document.

Obviously, a very high-quality fax machine with some additional electronics can connect to a computer, and can be used to scan documents into a computer, to print documents from the computer, and to make photocopies. Such high-end devices are called multifunction printers and cost more than fax machines.

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Facsimile transmission over wires or faxing was invented by Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic who in 1843 received a British patent for "improvements in producing and regulating electric currents and improvements in timepieces and in electric printing and signal telegraphs." Seven years earlier, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and the fax machines evolved from the telegraph technology.

Alexander Bain had created a fax machine transmitter that was designed to scan a flat surface (made of metal) using a stylus mounted on a pendulum and the stylus picked up the images on the surface. An amateur clock maker, Alexander Bain adapted parts from clock mechanisms combined with telegraph technology to invent his fax machines.

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Firsts in Fax Machine History
In 1902, Dr Arthur Korn invented an improved and practical fax, the photoelectric system.
In 1914, Edouard Belin established the concept for remote fax photo/news reporting.
The American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) worked to improve telephone facsimile technology, and in 1924, the telephotography machine was used to send political convention photos long distance for newspaper publication.
On March 4, 1955, the first radio facsimile transmission was sent across the continent.

Fax Machine Models and SuppliersModels & Suppliers - Fax machine models and suppliers; Brother fax machines, Sharp fax machines, Canon fax machine, fax machine suppliers UK, Samsung multi-function fax machine and more on fax machine models and suppliers.

Brother Fax MachinesBrother - Brother is arguably the world leader in the fax market. Brother fax machines position has been achieved through years of working closely with the market. A link to Brother Fax Machine Arlington can be found on the right of the page.

Sharp Fax MachinesSharp - The laser fax will increase your productivity while reducing your time in front of the fax machine. Whether sending or receiving, the FO-3150 Sharp fax machines will get the job done with the efficiency you have come to expect from Sharp.

Reviews Fax MachinesReviews - Save precious home office space with this compact Panasonic plain paper fax machine. Multifunction machine is also a printer and copier and has an integrated phone system. More external reviews fax machines on the right of the page.

Fax Machine ComparisonsComparisons - At Lycos you can make fax machine comparisons of the following machines: Panasonic KX-FPG381, Panasonic KX-FPG376 and the Sharp UX-CC500.

Canon Fax MachinesCanon - Canon fax machines brings you a description of two canon fax machines, the Canon LC 2050P Fax and the Canon LC 730i Fax Machine . You can also find links to fax machines and external links to the Canon Inc and Canon UK home pages.

Refurbished Fax MachinesRefurbished Machines - Refurbished fax machines offer you all the benefits that a new machine can offer, but costs significantly less than a new machine. Any refurbished fax machines will have had full replacement of all wearable parts.

Best Fax MachinesBest Fax Machines - Designed for use in a home office or small business environment, this versatile laser fax machine delivers superior output at an affordable price, description of one of the best fax machines that can be seen here.

History of the Fax MachineFax Machine History - The history of the fax machine begins in 1843 England with Alexander Bain. He devised an apparatus made up of two pens connected to two pendulums. For more indepth information on the History of the fax machine browse the links available.

Fax Machine OperationFax Machine Operation - Most FAX machines have the capability to dial the receiving FAX number from memory, when the number is dialed. Test my fax machine, manuals for fax machines, how do fax machines work and fax machine operations.

Fax Machine MiscellaneousFax Machine Miscellaneous - Got a scanner and a fax modem? Why not combine those two into a fax machine? How to make money with a fax machine and more here at fax machine miscellaneous.

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